The Angelus

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Tales of the Troubadour


The Angelus

One of the hallmarks of a true troubadour is that he sings his stories while he plays a musical instrument. (I say “he” but as a female I would have been called a “trobairitz.” Not a suitable name for a blog, so I have used poetic license and will let troubadour stand.) Thus not only does a troubadour sing his story, he also frequently plays an instrument. I only play one instrument: the clarinet. This precludes singing, and I think my singing may be a bit better than my clarinet playing, since it’s been a long time since high school band. With neither clarinet nor singing voice, I will share a poem I have written, called “The Angelus.”

Some background: “The Angelus” is, in its simplest form, a “devotion” or prayer, recited three times daily – at 6:00 AM, noon, and 6:00 PM. The prayer is accompanied by…

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Take a Walk With Me

Tales of the Troubadour

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, a troubadour is a lyric poet of southern France, northern Spain, and northern Italy.  The word troubadour is a French form derived from the word trobar, “to find,” “to invent.”

Troubadours flourished from the late 11th to the late 13th century. Their social influence was unprecedented in the history of medieval poetry. Favored at the courts, they had great freedom of speech, occasionally intervening even in the political arena.  Their great achievement, however, was to create around the ladies of the court an aura of cultivation and amenity that nothing before had been approached. Troubadour poetry formed one of the most brilliant schools that ever flourished, and it was to influence all later European lyrical poetry.

Will this troubadour write lyrical poetry?  Perhaps.  Will she “find” and “invent”?  Most assuredly.  Will she create an aura of cultivation and amenity around the ladies and (gentlemen) of the…

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Take a Walk With Me

Take a Walk With Me.

A New Beginning.

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Welcome to Old Sneelock’s Workshop

Boiling wood is mentioned as a way to prevent cracking without waiting for air drying or taking the risk of kiln drying. I can’t provide any insight on boiling wood but I did do a run of bowls that I microwaved.

Lydia, my lovely wife, worked as the Marketing VP for a local zoo. The zoo was creating an Africa exhibit to go along with the giraffe exhibit they were building. They needed multiple bowls to be used as displays in the huts to be visited by the guests. Of course they needed them within a few weeks and dear Lydia knew that I had made her a 12” sugar maple, salad mixing bowl. With the utmost belief that Old Sneelock would pull off another miracle she said I would be happy to help.

I didn’t have carefully dried turning blanks set aside waiting for such a project. Laminated bowls would not fit in the motif. I had few alternatives. I had read a magazine article about drying wood with a microwave and decided that this was the time to try it.

I went over to Mom and Dad’s woods and cut down a cherry tree that had gotten hung up after the last storm. I cut the trunk into approximately 20 pieces varying from 15” to 8” in relation to their diameter. After splitting I had about 30 usable billets.

I turned the first bowl that night. After roughing the bowl to about 3/4” thickness I put it in the shop microwave. Yes I know, why did my shop need a microwave? That’s a story for another day. The article said that I had to use low power and short cycles. If I recall correctly the microwave was 1100 watts and I ran the bowl through 3 or 4 cycles of 2 minutes each at the #3 setting. I think that would work out to 330 watts. I checked the bowl after each run and the surface didn’t get warm. The first 3 times there was moisture escaping the bowl and condensing on the glass plate of the turntable. After the 4th the plate was dry. I finished the bowl out, sanding and waxing it like I had the salad bowl.

The next day Lydia came home and said the bowl was very nice. Too nice. They wanted bowls that looked like they were made by hand. Despite my protests that no self-respecting turner would make ugly lopsided bowls, no matter where they were, I finished out 20 of the least satisfying, ugliest, clunky, bowls I have ever made. I still dried them with the microwave. With the usual variations the process worked. Within the two week window, after some long nights, they were completed and delivered.
In payment for the wood following the same process I made a bowl from the best chunk and gave it to my mother. When she passed I got it back. It’s holding apples in the kitchen. Still in good shape after 10 years.

A note of caution. During the rush to make ugly bowls I left a spigot on the bottom of one that was about 2” thick. When I microwaved it I ran it a little hotter and a little longer, without apparent effect. When I remounted it to turn off the spigot, there was a 1” diameter burned hollow in the middle of the spigot. I think if I had gone another few seconds it would have burst into flame when the pocket opened to the air.

PS. When I visited the exhibit on opening day I couldn’t help but notice that there wasn’t a single bowl in any of the displays.
I haven’t turned a bowl since. I turn handles for myself. I even use the pretty ones.

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Locking the door to my world.

Trying to comment on any of the Word Press topics is a frustrating pain in the ass. I log in with my password and open my Word Press account. Then before I can comment I have to log in with my Facebook account. Then after all that my comment is deleted.
It’s not that my comments are that important to anyone but me. What pisses me off is how many people are turned off from reading my blog and commenting due to the complicated mess verifying my account is.
Is anyone else having this issue?

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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can alway preview any post or edit you before you share it to the world.
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