The Angelus

Grab the tissue.

Tales of the Troubadour


The Angelus

One of the hallmarks of a true troubadour is that he sings his stories while he plays a musical instrument. (I say “he” but as a female I would have been called a “trobairitz.” Not a suitable name for a blog, so I have used poetic license and will let troubadour stand.) Thus not only does a troubadour sing his story, he also frequently plays an instrument. I only play one instrument: the clarinet. This precludes singing, and I think my singing may be a bit better than my clarinet playing, since it’s been a long time since high school band. With neither clarinet nor singing voice, I will share a poem I have written, called “The Angelus.”

Some background: “The Angelus” is, in its simplest form, a “devotion” or prayer, recited three times daily – at 6:00 AM, noon, and 6:00 PM. The prayer is accompanied by…

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About Old Sneelock's Workshop

As a trained welder, electrician, machinist, toolmaker, carpenter, plumber, and amateur mason I have managed to remain employed and somewhat supported my wife and son. My current status is Master Bodger at Old Sneelock's Workshop where with the finest in old, new, recycled, and purchased material I maintain our household in a style to which we become accustomed to. Old tools of every type and purpose have been an interest ever since my father gave me my first brace and bit. His purpose was to let me drill holes in the ground with the safer unpowered drill rather than trying to sneak off with his power drill, but it started there and just kept going. These days I spend more time restoring chisels, drill bits, planes and saws than anything else. If's a good feeling to bring a tool back to useful condition and I learn new ways to do things with every project.
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